Jan 31 2019

Invitation to Join Pickleball in Piedmont

Message from Rick Schiller

“Hi, Piedmont Neighbors! You are invited to play Pickleball on Saturday and Sundays 10am to noon at the Piedmont Middle School. (You can find the sports courts by going down the PMS steps towards the football field.) We are working actively with the City to provide dedicated Pickleball venues in town. If you would like to be added to the Piedmont Pickleball email list and receive notifications of future times and locations where we will be playing, please email: piedmont_pickleball@gmail.com Piedmont Pickleball.”

Discussions limited to Pickleball facilities & play plus general issues directly related to Pickleball in general and specifically to Piedmont, CA.

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  1. Yay ! I want to play pickleball – Karen Sullivan

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