Mar 25 2019

Public Meeting on Local Hazard Mitigation Plan Wednesday, April 10

Local Hazard Mitigation Plan Public Meeting

Final Public Input Meeting for Draft Plan

 Wednesday, April 10th at 6 pm

Police Department EOC at 403 Highland Ave

The City of Piedmont Local Hazard Mitigation Plan (LHMP)  draft LHMP, which is now available for public review and comment.  The Public Review Draft of the LHMP is available online in pdf format.

Complete 402 page plan here

311 page Chapters only here

  92 page Appendices only here

It is also available on paper at City Hall.

Fires, earthquakes, landslides, and severe weather are just a few of the hazards to the Piedmont community. While natural hazards such as these cannot be prevented, a Hazard Mitigation Plan forms the foundation for a community’s long-term strategy to reduce disaster losses by breaking the repeated cycle of disaster damage and reconstruction. Additionally, only communities with a FEMA-approved Hazard Mitigation Plan are eligible to apply for both pre- and post-disaster mitigation grant funding.

A final public meeting to review and provide comments on the Public Review draft LHMP is scheduled for Wednesday, April 10th at 6 pm  in the Police Department EOC, located at 403 Highland Ave.

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