Apr 16 2019

Piedmont Public Safety (Surveillance) Cameras Evaluation

– Public Safety (Surveillance) Cameras Frequently Asked Questions Answered –

The Piedmont Police monitored surveillance cameras program will be considered by the Council for adoption in June, 2019.  To understand the issues involved, see the frequently asked questions, important dates for public meetings and the police department’s existing Public Safety Camera Policy > here.

“The City of Piedmont is in the process of evaluating and considering a Public Safety Camera program.  The evaluation has taken the form of a pilot which has been in process since September of 2017.  While the Piedmont Police Department has experienced successes with the pilot, the City is seeking to engage the public to provide information on a proposed program, seek input and answer questions the public may have.”

The Police Department is partnering with the Public Safety Committee to aid with public outreach on this important topic. No decision of whether to approve the Public Safety Camera Program has been made.  The City of Piedmont, Piedmont Police Department and Public Safety Committee thanks you for your time and interest.

Click to read the City of Piedmont’s Public Safety Camera Frequently Asked Questions document.

Community members with question about the proposal are encouraged to contact Police Chief Jeremy Bowers at jbowers@piedmont.ca.gov or via telephone at (510) 420-3010.

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