Apr 19 2019

Piedmont Garden Club Donated Toward Community Hall Lights Plus Volunteered Care for Hundreds of Daffodils in Blair Park

At the April 3, 2019 Piedmont Park Commission meeting­, Nancy Scott from the Piedmont Garden Club and Chairperson of their Civic Projects program, presented Mayor Bob McBain and Park Commission Chairperson Betsy Goodman with a generous donation of $5,000 to be used towards installing new light strings in the courtyard of the Piedmont Community Hall in Main Park.

Nancy Scott, Mayor Bob McBain, and Park Commission Chairperson Betsy Goodman

The City is in the process of upgrading the electrical controls for the exterior pole lights at the Community Hall. When Phase 1 of the lighting improvements is completed, the City will start Phase 2 and will be  working with lighting consultant Thomas Skradski of Lumen Works and the Electrical Contractor, Mark Schulkamp of Mark W. Schulkamp Electric Co. to design and install new light strings that will be suspended from the four pole lights in the courtyard. The pole lights will be designed to accommodate the new string lights. Once the new string lights are installed, the courtyard illumination will offer an option with the new, festive string lights.

The Piedmont Garden Club on April 18tharranged for members and friends to deadhead the hundreds of daffodils in Blair Park.

From left to right: Sharon Hom, Mary Wood, Sandy Hagglund and Nancy Scott.

The Piedmont Garden Club https://www.piedmontgardenclub.org/  has a long history of contributing their time and generous donations to the City of Piedmont.

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