May 16 2019

New Area Code Coming to Piedmont: 341

New way to dial and new area code for new service in Piedmont.

The 510 area code was created in 1991 when Alameda and Contra Costa counties were split off from the 415 area code. The 510 area code was split again when the 925 area code was split off in 1998. The area served by the 510 area code comprises the western portions of Alameda and Contra Costa Counties. Each of these divisions were made because the original area code was running out of assignable numbers.

With the proliferation of mobile computing and telephony devices, each requiring its own telephone number, the 510 area code is again projected to shortly run out of numbers.

Rather than geographically separating area codes, the current practice is to overlay a new area code over an existing one. The overlay of one area code onto another allows existing numbers to remain the same, while providing additional numbers for future assignment.

Overlaying a new area code onto another will require residents to change their dialing habits, both on landline and mobile phones.

Effective June 22, 2019, residents will not be able to simply dial seven digits to make a local telephone call.

  • ┬áCalls to 911 will not be affected in any way. Both landline and mobile phones will still be able to call 911 without any having to dial any additional digits.
  • Landline users will have to dial eleven digits to make a local call. For example, to reach City Hall, a resident will need to dial 1 (510) 420-3040.

  • ┬áMobile phone users will have to dial either eleven digits, similar to a landline, or ten digits, (510) 420-3040.Residents with devices that are preprogrammed to call a telephone number, such as medical and security monitoring systems, gates, call forwarding services, and or voicemail services should contact their provider to ensure that their systems have been updated before the mandatory ten or eleven digit dialing comes in to effect.

Beginning on July 22, 2019, the new 341 area code will become effective. On that date, new telephone lines and/or mobile services may be assigned to the new 341 area code.

The City of Piedmont will provide residents with information on this change using the City website, social media, and other channels.

For more information contact the Piedmont City Clerk at 420-3040.

One Response to “New Area Code Coming to Piedmont: 341”

  1. “May be assigned?” How does one know whether you have been assigned this cumbersome new way of making contact?

    Editors: The state Public Utilities Commission decided and mandated this change. After July 22, area codes 510 and 341 will co-exist in western Alameda County and western Contra Costa County. Neighbors will have to dial a 10-digit number (the area code and their unique seven-digit number) to call each other even if both have a 510 area code or a 341 area code.

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