May 28 2019

Consideration of Piedmont Parcel Taxes: Thursday, May 30

Piedmont Budget Advisory & Financial Planning Committee:

Thursday, May 30, 2019

7:00 p.m.

City Hall Conference Room, 120 Vista Avenue, City Hall

The Committee will consider what to recommend to the City Council regarding taxes on Piedmont properties.  The meetings of the Budget Advisory and Financial Planning Committee are not broadcast. Committee minutes of the meetings are not produced.  No supporting documents are available to the public prior to Committee consideration.  The meetings are open to the public, and upon request at the meeting, any documents distributed to the Committee will be made available to the public.

Agenda calls for 

  1. Discussion of the Municipal Services Special Tax (Parcel Tax) and Consideration of the Committee’s Review of the Parcel Tax Pursuant to Resolution 120-14


Council Liaison: Mayor Robert McBain – – (VM) 420-3048
Staff Liaison: Finance Director Michael Szczech – – (W) 420-3045

Committee Members:

Cathie Geddeis

Bill Hosler

Deborah Leland

Christina Paul

Maya Rath

Michael Reese

Frank Ryan


Chris Kwei

3 Responses to “Consideration of Piedmont Parcel Taxes: Thursday, May 30”

  1. Given the size of the Committee, there will be little or no room for the public in the conference room. Makes sense to hold it in Council chambers where it can easily be televised.

  2. Why isn’t this meeting held in Council chambers???

  3. A few years ago, Council was asked the same question re meetings in Chambers. Some members suggested it was easier to have private deliberations if not televised. At that time, there were only 2 seats available for the public in the meeting room. Interesting.

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