Jun 1 2019

New Piedmont School Board Email Address Announced

To facilitate direct communication with the Piedmont Unified School Board, a new email address has been established.

To make inquiry or provide information to the entire Board of Education, emails can be sent to:


Emails will automatically be sent to all of the School Board members’ email inboxes — so each member will be able to view the email.  

The Board has a policy of appointing an official Board correspondent.  Board Vice President Cory Smegal is the current correspondent and will reply to all of the emails that are sent to the Board.  

Any emails sent to the School Board address will become part of the public record and available for review by the public.

To avoid potential Brown Act violations, the email address is set up so that individual School Board members cannot send emails to the email address. 

To communicate directly with selected School Board members, the Board member names and their email addresses are provided below:

Amal Smith

Cory Smegal
Vice President

Andrea Swenson

Sarah Pearson

Megan Pillsbury

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