Jun 18 2019

Concept for Coaches Field Improvements Moves Ahead

Based on a plan developed by Piedmont residents William Blackwell and Chuck Oraftik in 2009-2010, the City has been pursuing enlargement of Coaches Field on Moraga Avenue across from Blair Park that will allow use by baseball, soccer, and other field sports. 

To enlarge the playing surface the new plan calls for cutting into the hillside located adjacent to the Corporation Yard at Red Rock Road and Moraga Avenue, adding night lighting, and increasing the number of available parking spaces.

To view the staff report and the concept plan for Coaches Field produced by Callander & Associates, click below:

06/17/19 – Receipt of a Report Regarding the Concept Plan for the Coaches Field Expansion by Callander & Associates

With the acceptance of the design concept by the City Council, environmental work is being sought.  Click below to read the Request for Proposals.

06/17/19 – Consideration of the Issuance of a Request for Proposals for CEQA Services for the Coaches Field Renovation Project

2 Responses to “Concept for Coaches Field Improvements Moves Ahead”

  1. Exhibit B shows a U-14 soccer field 150 x 300 feet, which is too large for the available space. Rules require 10-feet clear on all sides for referees, inbound kicks, and coaches. Moreover, the south side (facing away from the sun) needs abut 25 feet for players benches, spectator bleachers, etc.

    My original concept (Exhibit B) was for a U-12, which even so was a tight fit.
    Coaches prefer a shorter field for practice with less running and more shots on goal, or so I am told. Witter is the only field available to older youngsters for tournament play.

  2. An interesting plan, one that should have been considered as an alternative during the EIR analysis of the Blair Park proposal. Development of Coaches to a full-size soccer and lacrosse field has been proposed by multiple volunteer commissions In Piedmont over the past 40 years.

    Has any discussion of how Sunday use of the field will be regulated?

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