Sep 30 2019

Provide Resident Feedback on Public Safety Cameras

The City of Piedmont is soliciting resident feedback regarding the City’s use of Public Safety Cameras. This survey is an important next step to accomplish the goal of seeking additional community feedback and is essential within the scope of the City Council’s decision making process.

The City of Piedmont is in the process of evaluating and considering a Public Safety Camera program. The evaluation has taken the form of a pilot program which has been in process since September of 2017. The Piedmont Police Department, in partnership with the Public Safety Committee, has held several community and neighborhood meetings on this topic.

Please click on the link below to begin the survey. The City of Piedmont thanks you for your time and input.…

For more information, please contact Chief of Police Jeremy Bowers at (510) 420-3010

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  1. Technically, the Public Safety Committee has held one community meeting and several neighborhood meetings. Contact the committee if you’d like a meeting for your neighborhood.

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