Oct 7 2019

Street Sweeping Schedule for Piedmont 2019 – 2020

Updated street sweeping schedule –


One Response to “Street Sweeping Schedule for Piedmont 2019 – 2020”

  1. Regarding Piedmont’s street sweeping schedule:

    It is in Piedmont’s interest to keep our storm drains from being clogged up with fallen leaves and other debris. Yet, the City expects residents to post temporary “no parking” signs 72 hours in advance of each scheduled sweep, then call the PPD to let them know the signs are posted (otherwise the PPD will not ticket parked cars on street sweep day), then take the signs down after sweeping … and repeat this, month after month during sweep season.

    I’m tired of doing this, month after month after month. I ask the Public Works department to post permanent “no parking” signs for street sweeping. It’s not difficult nor new; Oakland does it, and enforces it, around my neighborhood (Baja Piedmont).

    If “no parking on street sweeping days” signs are more costly for Piedmont than the cost of cleaning out clogged storm drains, then the current policy will continue.

    Editors’ Note: Funding for street sweeping comes out of Piedmont’s taxpayer funded Sewer Fund, noted on each property owners Alameda County property tax statement. The Sewer Fund could potentially fund the desired signage. Contact City Administrator Sara Lillevand, or Public Works Director Chester Nakahara at 510/420-3040 for further information.

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