Oct 12 2019

Aftermath of Power Shut Off in Piedmont

By October 11, 2019, all power had been restored to Piedmont properties.  Many Piedmonters did not see the need for the shut off, others who had endured devastating fires in the past welcomed the precaution.   Most of Piedmont did not have a loss of power.  Properties at a  higher elevation were impacted by the shut off.

Some vigorous complaints came from those not losing power.  Their electricity was on, but Comcast/ Xfinity services were off  – no television, internet, or phones.  Comcast offered no explanation as to why their service was eliminated in areas that continued to have power.

The power shut off event provided a significant indication of what could happen during a major earthquake or other emergencies.  Piedmonters filled their bathtubs with water, readied their grab and go bags, and found ways to light the darkness.


Piedmont’s Emergency Preparedness Committee has produced an extremely useful brochure, Get Ready! Piedmont, to inform Piedmonters about advantageous actions related to emergencies.

The handbook is linked below and can also be obtained in hard copy through the Piedmont Fire Department.


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