Nov 7 2019

OPINION: Superintendent of Piedmont Schools Offers Thanks

I am so thrilled to report that the Piedmont Community passed both Measures G and H.

Your continued commitment to a robust public education is incredible! I want to thank the countless parent, staff, and student volunteers for all of their support and civic engagement over the past few months. It was encouraging to be a part of a community-wide conversation about our schools and how we support teaching and learning.

I fully recognize and am grateful for the commitment that families have made in our school system. I will continue to work closely with the Board of Education, teachers, staff, families, and students to ensure that Piedmont’s schools not only continue to provide excellence in education, but that we also continue to grow and improve in how we educate students.

Please join me in also thanking and acknowledging the election staff from the City of Piedmont. Their efforts ensured a smooth election day!

On behalf of all of the teachers, support staff, and administrators, thank you for your support and engagement with our incredible district.


Randall Booker, Superintendent of Piedmont Unified School District

One Response to “OPINION: Superintendent of Piedmont Schools Offers Thanks”

  1. Mr. Booker: As you are probably well aware, I am one of the Piedmont taxpayers who will be financially injured by these two parcel taxes. I am especially angered by the continued refusal of the Board to include any form of senior exemption; in spite of the clear evidence that such an exemption is not only legally allowable but also badly needed. I must demand that PUSD not continue the unwarranted annual increases to the tax. George Childs, Lower Grand Ave.

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