Feb 24 2020

ELECTION: Piedmont Parcel Tax Vote March 3 Presidential Primary Election

Time to cast a vote on Piedmont parcel tax Measure T.

The Piedmont City Council has placed before Piedmont voters a parcel tax, Measure T, at the Tuesday, March 3, 2020 Presidential Primary Election to “essentially renew” Piedmont’s long standing parcel tax.  The current parcel tax expires June 30, 2021.

Approval of Measure T requires 2/3rds approval by those voting on the measure. Full text of Measure T proposed rates and ordinance are found at the end of each Alameda County Voter Information Guide.  Measure T is on the last page of ballots. 

The following determinations were made by the City Council:

  • Tax will be for a limited 4 year term allowing voter check on spending. 
  • Language remained the same as prior ballot measures to “Essentially keep the tax the same as current.”
  • Only developed parcels are to be taxed.  Empty vacant lots are not taxed. Empty parcels adjoining developed parcels are not taxed.
  • Tax to “single family” parcels is based on the square footage of the  parcels with larger parcels paying more.
  • No additional tax is added when two or more residences occupy a “single family” zoned parcel. 
  • Piedmont needs to pay for underfunded pension benefits and facility maintenance.
  • Approximately 300 properties straddle the border of Oakland and Piedmont.  If the house is on both sides of the border, the owner pays both Oakland & Piedmont Municipal Services Tax. 

Measure T is a Municipal Services Special Tax and the ballot measure stipulates that funds shall be used for these services:

  • police and fire protection,
  • street maintenance,
  • building regulations, 
  • library services,
  • recreation,
  • parks maintenance,
  • planning and public works

Tax measure proceeds will be deposited into the Piedmont General Fund. There is no differentiated record of how the Special Municipal Services Tax have been spent in prior years.

Piedmont was one of the first cities in California to go before voters following approval of Proposition 13  in 1978 limiting the taxing ability of school, cities, counties, and special districts to raise taxes beyond their 1978 level while allowing an annual 2% increase without gaining approval by 2/3rd of the voters.

Voters can go to their assigned polling location on Tuesday, March 3 and cast their ballot, or if having received a ballot in the mail can place their ballot in the Alameda County ballot box located in central Piedmont near the Wells Fargo Bank, or simply place their ballot in any regular mailbox.  Postage is not required on mailed ballots.

Editors Note:  PCA does not support or oppose ballot measures.

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