Apr 3 2020

Piedmont Will Continue to Issue Building Permits for New Residential Construction Projects

Fees collected, permits issued, but construction prohibited except for new affordable housing?

Home construction and remodeling projects are limited by the Alameda County March 31, 2020 Order and new residential construction and new remodeling projects are prohibited except affordable housing that is or will be income-restricted, including multi-unit or mixed-use developments containing at least 10%income-restricted units.

Residential renovation projects of any kind that are currently underway may continue if necessary to a safe, sanitary, and functional home. Likewise, residential remodeling projects that are partly completed may continue if delaying completion would pose a safety, security, or sanitation risk to residents or impact the habitability of the residence.   Alameda County Order

The City of Piedmont interprets the Order to mean:

The Planning and Building Department continues to accept and process planning and building permit applications, in accordance with requirements of California Permit Streamlining Act, which, to date, has not been suspended. Most services related to these applications are being provided through email and telephone communications, and the submission of electronic documents. Those that cannot are being executed in conformance with social distancing requirements as required by the Alameda County Public Health Department.

April 6, 2020,  Sara Lillevand, City Administrator
Report on the Impacts of the COVID 19 Emergency on the City of Piedmont

2 Responses to “Piedmont Will Continue to Issue Building Permits for New Residential Construction Projects”

  1. Effective Mar. 31 the County prohibits new construction and new remodeling except for affordable and income restricted housing. The City is accepting permit applications and issuing new building permits under the California Permit Streamlining Act (CPSA). What language in the CPSA allows Piedmont to issue new permits in apparent direct contradiction to the County order as affordable and income restricted housing is fundamentally nonexistent in Piedmont?

  2. PCA, how do you come by that interpretation of the Alameda County order? City of Piedmont interprets the order otherwise – most projects considered non-essential. See page 4 of the staff report.


    The updated order:


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