Apr 9 2020

Need Help With Getting Groceries and Essentials?

Piedmont high school students and others are volunteering to help residents by picking up food and essentials for Piedmonters, then delivering purchases to their homes.


How Feedmont Works

Any neighbors in need (households with an at risk individual or healthcare workers) can request help for buying groceries and other items such as toiletries and non-prescription medications.

When available, a volunteer will be matched with a neighbor in need within their area. ​

Once a match is made, the volunteer contacts their match to ask for their shopping list and coordinate the delivery during the week.

Register if you are at risk and need help.

Register if you are a healthy adult and can volunteer.

This match program is organized by private citizens for the benefit of those in our Piedmont community. All facilitators associated with Feedmont are considered harmless and accept no risk and responsibility and further hold.


We take the privacy of your personal information very seriously and we will only use the data that you provide to match you with a Feedmont Match near you. Once we have made a match, you will receive an email or a phone call with contact information for your match.

No Internet?

Call ‪(510) 545-6845

Go to the link below for more information and participation.


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