Apr 11 2020

East Bay Regional Parks Trails Remain Open but Parking Lots Closed Easter Weekend Only

Temporary Easter Weekend Closures of Parking Areas at Select Regional Parks to Prevent Overcrowding, Maintain Safe Social Distancing

Select Parking Lots and Staging Areas Temporarily Closed.
Trails Remain Open and Accessible on Walk-In, Bike-In Basis.

The following Regional Parks will be affected with temporary parking area closures for this weekend, Saturday, April 11 and Sunday, April 12, 2020:

  1. Black Diamond Mines – All Parking Lots CLOSED
  2. Briones – Alhambra Staging Area & Archery Range CLOSED
  3. Coyote Hills – All Parking Lots CLOSED
  4. Garin – All Parking Lots CLOSED
  5. Kennedy Grove – All Parking Lots CLOSED
  6. Lake Chabot – Main Parking Lot CLOSED
  7. MLK Jr. – Doolittle North & South and Arrowhead Staging Areas CLOSED
  8. Miller Knox – All Parking Lots CLOSED
  9. Mission Peak – Stanford Avenue Staging Area CLOSED (Fenced with no trail access, closed by request of City of Fremont)
  10. Temescal – All Parking Lots CLOSED

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Why are Piedmont parks closed?

The intent of the Order is to ensure that the maximum number of people stay home to slow the spread of the virus! The Piedmont Police Department has observed numerous and frequent violations of the original shelter in place order where groups of people were congregating in our parks requiring officers to enforce the social distancing provisions of the Order. The City took the step to close all parks in an effort to support the intent of the Order and protect Piedmont residents.

The Police Department views the closure of the parks as essential to the enforcement of the new order. Closing all parks provides clarity for the public and for the police department.

Attempting to close only the dog parks (fully mandated by the updated order) while leaving other parts of parks open would be confusing for the public, result in increased clarification calls to our 911 center, increase police officer staff time in interpreting and explaining boundaries to the public, and will not accomplish the intent of the order, which is to limit areas where people are attracted to congregate.   City of Piedmont FAQs


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