Apr 13 2020

Shelter in Place Recreation and Activities for Piedmonters of All Ages

Fun things to do even for adults!

For the last several weeks, the Piedmont Recreation Department has been working to create virtual programming for Piedmonters during the shelter in place order. We’re pleased to announce the opening of the new Piedmont Recreation Department Virtual Rec Center  vPRD, which brings recreation to your door, and is bursting with resources like classes, games, activities, workouts, recommendations, and more for everyone in our community.

No matter your age, or interests, we’ve found resources to keep you engaged and active, anytime, anywhere. The vPRD is updated with new resources weekly, so be sure to check in regularly to find new ideas and ways for you and your family to learn, interact, and explore.

vPRD Resources by Age, click below:

Toddler Pre-K
Tweens Teens


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