Apr 16 2020

Runners Need Masks and 12 to 20 feet Safer Social Distance From Walkers

More than 6 foot Social Distance Recommended for Runners

Piedmont walkers of all ages have been scrupulous in observing safe distance behavior.  Unfortunately, many walkers in Piedmont are put at risk by frequently encountering runners not wearing coverings over their noses and mouths.  With older at risk adults seeking exercise by walking in Piedmont, the threat posed by runners is real.

Air moves differently around runners, increasing the space required to maintain a safe social distance.   The New York City Council Health Committee suggested a distance of 12 to 20 feet, according to the April 16 New York Times.

Some Piedmont pedestrians have had joggers run up behind and pass them on sidewalks, within a 6 foot distance.  Although face coverings are inconvenient and may be uncomfortable, the State encourages all citizens to wear them outdoors.

Runners are reminded to cover their noses and mouths and keep their distance to stop the spread of the virus.

As of Friday, April 17, everyone in Sonoma County will be required to wear face coverings when in public.

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  1. Much appreciation to PCA for highlighting this important issue concerning runners. Generally runners in Piedmont do stay at least six feet away; not so in Oakland and especially around Lake Merritt. Even in Piedmont more distance seems wise.

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