Jun 13 2020

Black Lives Matter Demonstration in Piedmont

For at least the second time in weeks, Piedmonters gathered to demonstrate in support of Black Lives Matter.  On Friday, June 12, 2020, at 5:30 p.m. a large group of Piedmonters congregated at the corner of Wildwood Avenue and Highland Avenue to march to Piedmont Main Park and listen to speakers.  

The Police Department issued a Traffic Alert:

We expect some roadways to be temporarily shut down as pedestrians gather and move through the area. We are asking vehicles to slow down, take alternate routes or avoid the area if possible.

Affected roadways: Highland Ave, Wildwood Ave, Magnolia Ave, Hillside Ave, Vista Ave, and Bonita Ave. Thank you and be safe out there!

Police cars escorted the demonstrators who filled the streets. 

Upon reaching Piedmont Main Park, children in the youthful crowd were told to remember their time supporting Black Lives Matter.  Speakers related their concerns and interest in making changes.  

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