Jun 26 2020

November Tax Ballot Measures and Continued Pool Operation ? June 29

At a Special Piedmont City Council meeting on Monday, June 29, 7:30 p.m., the Council will consider placing tax measures on the November 2020 ballot.  Also, the Council will give direction to staff on continued operation of the Community Pool.

Agenda and instructions on participation: council-current-agenda (1) 6292020

  Continued Operation of the Piedmont Community Pool

“Two years have passed since it was acknowledged that the city had “reached the point in the life of the pool where strong consideration should be given to constructing a new facility that would better serve the community needs and require little to no annual subsidy. Alternatively, consideration should be given to transitioning out of aquatics programming as a City service.” In the intervening time, the facility, as well as its ability to recover costs, have further deteriorated. Given the hard financial realities both of the City’s aged aquatics facility and for overall Recreation Department revenues, it falls on this Council to determine whether it has become cost-prohibitive to continue to operate this aquatics facility.”

Consideration of tax measures for November ballot:Provide Direction to Staff on the Preparation of Ballot Measures for the November 2020 Ballot Regarding Financing of Facilities Maintenance, and Renovation_Replacement Needs

One Response to “November Tax Ballot Measures and Continued Pool Operation ? June 29”

  1. Instead of raising taxes, demolish the Community Pool.

    A pool is a constant maintenance money pit, high insurance costs, extra salaries and high utility bills. During the regular flu season (not counting this pandemic), it is a source of virus spreading.

    I demolished my pool and love the space and landscaping, much more useful for active sports, children’s area, etc.

    Swimmers, such as myself, just join a swim club.

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