Jun 26 2020

Wear Your Face Covering Outside, Even When Exercising!

There are few reasons to visit City Hall these days, as COVID – 19 keeps most employees working at home and doors closed, while residents adhere to STAY AT HOME orders. 

People outside of their homes are required to wear a face covering, even when exercising within 30 feet of another person.  Joggers are not exempt from Governor Gavin Newsom‘s order to all Californians to wear face coverings while in public outdoor areas.

Parks & Project Manager Ms. Nancy Kent noted that the City is monitoring park users for compliance with health protections and will close facilities if users do not comply. She indicated park ambassadors are in the parks daily and gently reminding park users of the new rules.

Stay healthy by exercising and keep your neighbors healthy by covering your nose and mouth. Use your face covering!  

Window of the Piedmont City Hall Council Chamber

One Response to “Wear Your Face Covering Outside, Even When Exercising!”

  1. Hopefully the city will resort to other measures to enforce the face covering requirements before closing the parks. How about new signage that says people will be asked to leave the park if they are not wearing masks? Doesn’t say that now. PPD officer simply walking through the parks wearing a mask would alert others. In Dracena Quarry, close the benches or put up signs requiring masks be worn if sitting on benches. Some people are properly distancing on the lawn, with and without masks, but when camped out on benches without masks they violate safe distancing rules. Park closure is easy to administer but should not be done until more interventions are tried. Tons of kids are playing in the parks and shouldn’t be denied through no fault of their own.

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