Jul 4 2020

14 Piedmont Covid 19 Confirmed Positive Cases

From late May through July 2, 2020 Piedmont’s Confirmed Positive Covid 19 Test Results remained at a total of 13.  On July 3 an additional reported case brought the total to 14.  Some joggers, bikers, skateboarders, dog walkers, and others are still out and about in Piedmont without face coverings despite the Governor’s threat to withhold State funds from Cities that do not enforce masks/face coverings.

Our neighbor Oakland’s total has continued to grow, reaching  2,587 Confirmed Positive Covid 19 Test Results as of July 3.

The Coronavirus Tracker of the Bay Area reports daily the latest Positive tests.  Follow the numbers daily here.

3 Responses to “14 Piedmont Covid 19 Confirmed Positive Cases”

  1. why are we not enforcing face coverings in Piedmont?

  2. 2019 population figures are Oakland 433,031 and Piedmont 10,667. Oakland has 2,587 covid cases and Piedmont has 14. As a percentage of population Oakland has .6% and Piedmont .13%. Piedmont is doing 4.5 times better than surrounding Oakland. I walk on a near daily basis in Piedmont and walkers see each other coming a half block away and separate, put masks back on (if off) and say Hi. I thank Piedmonters for doing a good job and taking responsibility.

    I am troubled by the daily soccer games at Linda Field of 8 to 10 players, evidently none local residents, who practice zero social distancing and nary a mask in sight.

    The United States has 4.9% of the World’s population. Latest figures show we have 25.8% of the World’s covid cases and 24.7% of covid deaths. Our national response is unconscionable.

  3. I live on Grand in the same block and same street side as Ace Hardware. The foot traffic in our block has been steady and sometimes heavy during the pandemic.

    I’ll venture that less that 50% of the walkers are using masks, and most of the violators are younger people.

    The other day I saw a couple walking without masks and I asked them to please be considerate of others and wear a face covering. I was greeted with the upraised middle digit.

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