Jul 9 2020

16 Piedmont Confirmed Covid Cases

Piedmont added one confirmed Covid-19 case on July 8 to reach a total of 15 reported cases.  And on Thursday, July 9, another positive test result was reported bringing the total to 16.  Presumably, testing of Piedmonters is increasing, but we do not have the number of tests, so our positivity rate cannot be guessed.

For weeks the initial 12 positive test report remained unchanged until a week ago.

Follow daily positive test tracking here.

3 Responses to “16 Piedmont Confirmed Covid Cases”

  1. Does the County provide a breakdown as to age brackets?

  2. Piedmont needs local testing. The drive-by system is easy. If Piedmont wants to float a bond (debt) for a new POOL, it can change priorities & amp; fund a convenient testing site.

    The true numbers of virus cases might surprise us all.

  3. Do we know if some of the confirmed cases are in the same household? Is contact tracing being done, especially with the newer cases?

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