Jul 30 2020

OPINION: Wait to Adopt Reach Codes Until Piedmonters Are Provided Information

A significant percentage of Piedmonters are out of town and are unaware of the impacts.

 Dear Piedmonters,

I appeal to you to join me in lobbying our elected city leaders for an extension of time (beyond August 3rd) for the  second reading of the recently proposed Ordinances 750 and 751 (aka the “Reach Codes) for a variety of reasons including:

1)      Because the impact of these proposed ordinance affects all of Piedmont’s property owners, I believe it would be very welcomed and appropriate for the city to make a special effort to communicate these proposed ordinances to all Piedmont citizens.

2)      It’s my sense that a combination factors (e.g. COVID-19 and the summer season) results in a significant percentage of Piedmonters out of town and unaware of the Piedmont Posts’s  July 22nd reporting on the Reach Codes    In addition, those that have read the codes may find (as I do) that more time is needed to responsibly reflect upon the proposed ordinance and render productive feedback to our elected city leaders.

The benefits of achieving a broad awareness of the proposed Reach Codes, and the benefits of receiving constructive feedback from citizens and homeowners supports allowing more time before the second reading.

The text of the proposed ordinance can be found here:  https://piedmont.ca.gov/common/pages/DisplayFile.aspx?itemId=16846499

Thank you for your consideration

Dai Meagher, Piedmont Resident

4 Responses to “OPINION: Wait to Adopt Reach Codes Until Piedmonters Are Provided Information”

  1. The more recent (July 20, 2020) version of the proposed codes can be found here: https://www.ci.piedmont.ca.us/common/pages/DisplayFile.aspx?itemId=16889285

    The 2nd reading of the proposed ordinances is Tuesday August 3rd at 7pm.

    The email address for our elected city leaders are:

    Mayor Robert McBain ,
    Vice Mayor Teddy Gray King ,
    Councilmember Jen Cavenaugh ,
    Councilmember Tim Rood ,
    Councilmenber Betsy Smegal Andersen

  2. City Council Email Address:


  3. I agree that it would be very helpful to have more time to consider these ordinances before the second reading. It seems that some of the specifics of the proposed program need to be fleshed out for a clearer understanding.

  4. I have learned that the 2nd reading of these proposed ordinances has been deferred…it will not be conducted at the 8/3/20 meeting. At this time I don’t know for certain when the 2nd reading will be held (but someone — someone who thought he knew — told me it would be 8/17/2020. )

    I encourage readers and citizens to send their written suggestions directly to the City Council. It would also help if your letters were copied and published on this thread so that other readers can benefit from different analysis and perspectives.

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