Jul 31 2020

CLOSURE Witter Athletic Complex, Monday, Aug. 3rd PUSD

The Piedmont Unified School District will close the Witter Athletic Complex at 6:00 am on Monday, August 3rd until further notice. The Complex includes Witter Field, the baseball and softball fields, the batting cages, and the Witter Field House restrooms.

This closure is due to persistent lack of compliance with the Alameda County Public Health Department’s Shelter in Place orders. Despite repeated warnings from District staff, users of the Witter Complex have continued to play group sports in violation of COVID-19 health orders.

Similar issues led the City of Piedmont to close the Linda Beach Playfield last week. The District regrets having to take this action and the inconvenience this may cause the community. Nonetheless, continued lack of compliance on both City and District fields poses a serious public health risk, necessitating these closures. The District will work with the City and County to determine when it is safe and appropriate to reopen the Witter Complex.

Questions or comments? Please contact Director of Facilities Pete Palmer at ppalmer@piedmont.k12.ca.us

2 Responses to “CLOSURE Witter Athletic Complex, Monday, Aug. 3rd PUSD”

  1. Does closing a sports field turn these non-compliant people into compliant people? Or does It not provide any health benefit but only give relief to those who don’t want to see non-compliant people?

  2. We are in the midst of a 100 year pandemic that is being badly handled on a national level. Fortunately on our local level the City and School District are taking the correct actions in closing play fields that have flagrant health violations.

    Closing the fields does not force compliance on non-compliant people; it merely prevents their non-compliance from occurring locally.

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