Jul 31 2020

UPDATED: Covid 19 Pickleball Protocols, July 31

Do not play if you have any symptoms of Covid-19, have been around anyone with symptoms, or played at another Pickleball venue where someone has contracted covid.   
– NEW PROTOCOL: Singles only.  No doubles, no family doubles.   
– Maintain minimal six feet at all times. Move away from the paddles and the sanitizer; do not congregate. Stay away from the net as much as possible while playing.
– Play only with balls and paddles you bring. It is suggested that you mark and play with your own ball. Kick or hit your opponent’s ball back to them.
– Lined up paddles on the fence determine order of play. Both players come off if others are waiting. If you come with a partner or family to play, limit your play to 15 minutes or one game if others are waiting.
– Masks are required while playing and waiting.
– Leave your bag in one spot for the duration of your play and six feet away from other bags.
– Sanitize after each game, sanitizer is provided.
– Bring water as the water fountains are close. The bathrooms are closed.
– No basketball or other use of the courts. Inform other users that City and School District policy is no other activity.
– The gates will be opened by designated players only. If you leave the courts and no one else is playing, be absolutely sure that all gates are locked. Put the jug of hand sanitizer back in the metal box, lock the box, remove the key ring and put the keys in the small combination box hanging on the right. Close it and spin the dials.
– Both follow and enforce the protocols.

Play is at the Piedmont Middle School (“PMS”) courts only:
9am – 1pm Mon Wed Fri Sat Sun
4pm – 6pm Tue Thur

PMS is located at 742 Magnolia Ave, Piedmont. Take the steps down to the right of the gym and the courts are down the hill behind the school. Because of major school construction parking on Magnolia will be congested.

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