Aug 12 2020

Climate Action Reach Codes Postponed from Aug. 17

– Council Consideration of Building and Remodeling Reach Codes Deferred –

Additional Public Outreach to be Conducted –

The Piedmont City Council will NOT consider the second reading of ordinances implementing building Reach Codes at its August 17th meeting.

Staff will conduct additional public outreach to better educate members of the community on the purpose and scope of these important measures before Council considers them again.

The proposed building code amendments were drafted following extensive public outreach – including two public surveys and five public outreach forums – significant research, and collaboration with East Bay Community Energy and several cost-effectiveness analysts. However, it has become clear since the Council’s first consideration of these ordinances that additional outreach would be beneficial to the community.

“The proposed Reach Codes are too important to Piedmont’s climate action goals to be considered without additional public education and outreach,” said City Administrator Sara Lillevand. “As a residential community, Piedmont has limited options for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Though many residents participated in the year-long process to develop the proposed Reach Codes, it is important that the community have more time to understand and comment on these proposals before they are brought back to Council.”

“Planning & Building staff has received a significant amount of input from the community over the past year to help develop the proposed Reach Codes,” said Planning & Building Director Kevin Jackson. “We want to clarify any misconceptions residents may have about the proposals before Council takes them up again.”

City of Piedmont Press Release August 12, 2020

For additional information, contact City Clerk John O. Tullock at 510/420-3040.

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  1. Thank you. I think the whole community will benefit from this more in-depth look at how we can, among other things, reduce our use of natural gas and increase our use of solar energy.

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