Sep 2 2020

Jennifer Cavenaugh Seeks Re-Election to the Piedmont City Council

As a City Council Member for the last four years, I have made it my priority to balance fiscal responsibility with a commitment to improving Piedmont’s aging infrastructure and enhancing public services. We are a small city with limited resources and staff, and it is essential that we budget conservatively and address past unfunded liabilities, including our streets and sidewalks, parks, and recreation facilities. Essential long-term investments will ensure a beautiful, sustainable city for our kids and grandkids. I also continue to emphasize more immediate priorities such as wildfire prevention, disaster preparedness, community health and public safety.

As a Council Member, I leverage my deep community connections to engage and promote diverse perspectives, develop mutually beneficial solutions, and increase equity and inclusiveness. I am actively involved with many community organizations to hear their perspectives and support their efforts including PUSD School Board, Piedmont Connect, League of Women Voters, Piedmont Appreciating Diversity Committee, Parent Clubs, Piedmont Community Service Crew, Appreciating Diversity Film Series, Piedmont Parent Network, Piedmont Racial Equity Campaign, and others.

My husband and I moved to Piedmont 17 years ago from San Francisco when we had two sons, Jackson age 2.5 and Salem, 6 mos. Our daughter Shelby was born in Piedmont shortly thereafter. Like many Piedmonters, we were drawn to Piedmont for the quality public education and beautiful city. I quickly became involved in our schools once my oldest started kindergarten. My three kids all attend(ed) Piedmont public schools and I make it my mission as a Council Member to be a strong partner for our schools in every way possible.

I earned an MBA from the University of Chicago and a BS from the University of Illinois.  As a business professional, I had strategic and financial responsibility for large consumer products businesses and was an IT management consultant. I am honored to put my experience, work ethic, and dedication to work on the Piedmont City Council.

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Jennifer Cavenaugh, Candidate for Piedmont City Council.

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  1. For those who don’t know this candidate, her backstory doesn’t tell the real story, which is that of a dedicated and respectful city councilwoman. Before Council, Jen worked with city staff to survey recreational needs of the residents that lead to innovative senior programming. She next focused on facility maintenance, a thankless yet necessary task, and has bird dogged the issue at Council. She brings the same determination and creative thinking to all issues at Council. As Councilwoman, she is accessible and responsive to resident concerns. Re-elect Jen Cavenaugh – the best is yet to come.

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