Sep 13 2020

Piedmont Water and Air Pollution

A 2013 study by the Water Research Foundation on the effects of Wildfires on water covered many aspects including smoke.  Read the report here.

Some Piedmonters capture rainwater in winter to use for watering their garden in summer.  For most this water was already used and their rain barrels are empty.   The Health Department of Western Australia offered the following advice during their wildfires:

Water in rainwater tanks on your property can be contaminated during or after a bushfire, either indirectly by ash, smoke, debris or directly by fire and fire fighting activities.

If there is any risk of contamination, do not use water from your rainwater tank for the following activities:

  • drinking
  • preparing foods
  • making ice
  • washing and bathing
  • cleaning teeth
  • watering animals.

Read more here.

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