Sep 15 2020

Walk for Wellness: Candidate Connie Herrick Signs Up

Connie Herrick – City Council Candidate

Walk for Wellness: Connie Herrick Signs Up Today,

The sun was out and the smoke was better, so I opened my front door. On the porch was a cheerful little white bag with a red bow. My Walk for Wellness goodie bag had arrived! What an unexpected, lovely surprise.

The visor is really good looking and well-made with a cheerful embroidered design. There are Mulberry’s coupons good through 10/31/20 for a Harmless Harvest yogurt cup, Crystal Geyser bottle water and my choice of an apple, banana or orange.

I feel my wellness increasing already and the walk hasn’t started yet. I remember when Brooke Zimmerman started the Wellness Center. To this day, my 29 year old son Matt remembers her for her kindness and caring manner. She will always be one of his favorite high school people. Creating a center dedicated to supporting student mental health back then was such a new and almost radical idea. How wonderful to see it survive and thrive all these years.

Our family, including Kapo our retired search and rescue dog, is looking forward to the walks starting up next week. We hope to see lots of residents out walking with their visors (and masks) on. Fingers crossed the air quality clears in time so we can all get some exercise and support the Wellness Center. If you haven’t signed up, do it today:

Connie Herrick, City Council Candidate

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