Sep 26 2020

OPINION: Conna Will Provide Leadership on the City Council

It was my honor and pleasure to serve with Conna as co-chairs of the 2006 seismic safety school bond measure, and to experience her leadership skills in that context.  When we began the contentious campaign, I didn’t know Conna well, but learned through it that she is smart, she works hard, she does her homework, and she seeks to understand all parts of an issue before coming to conclusions. Conna engages stakeholders in community conversation: she is always willing to listen, and she actively seeks diverse perspectives and insights.

As we campaigned, Conna regularly reminded me that hearing diverse viewpoints from friends and neighbors helped us better understand the needs of our community. She is equally able and willing to listen to new ideas and perspectives, to thoughtfully consider the merits of an issue, and to stop deliberating when a decision is made and work with all-comers to take action. Throughout the campaign, Conna was passionate for and articulate about our cause: the safety of students and staff in our schools.

I’m proud to have worked with Conna to leave a lasting legacy of safe school buildings in Piedmont. We would be lucky to have her considerable skills and talents, as well as her inclusive leadership ability, in service of the needs of our community. She has earned my vote because I know from personal experience how well-qualified Conna is to provide the kind of leadership our community needs at this pivotal time.

Please join me in voting to elect Conna to the Piedmont City Council.

Dana Serleth

Editors Note: Opinions expressed are those of the author.

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