Sep 28 2020

Hari Titan School Board Candidate Responds to PCA Questions

A glitch deterred responses to PCA questions from Hari Titan.  Titan’s responses are presented below  for voters consideration.

1. Which listed issue is your highest priority and why? –  Funding,  Teachers,  Facilities,  Transparency, Administration,  Achievement,  Equality,  Community Involvement,  Safety

Student achievement is my highest priority.  We need to make sure students are not falling behind from distance learning.  We should offer the choice of classroom instruction first for students that need it most, then to elementary students and finally to middle and high school students.  This staged approach would require health department waivers and negotiation with the teachers union.

 2. What has the School Board done well during recent years?

The school board agreed to refinance a 2006 school bond that was once refinanced in 2013, again in 2017 to a pay-as-you-go bond.  This will save Piedmont taxpayers $26 million over the following 26 years. The board also directed the superintendent to negotiate improved distance learning as well as always allowing families the choice of 100% distance learning for students.

3. As a School Board member, what changes would you advocate?

Transparency. I have a track record of explaining the pros and cons of various school board proposals in my writings on my website and for the Piedmont Post. I would advocate for board topic wiki pages with moderated community contributions that answer FAQs. Transparency should be apparent and would reduce the need for parents to watch hours of board meetings.

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