Oct 8 2020

OPINION: Re-Elect Jen Cavenaugh to the City Council

We are fortunate to have Jennifer Cavenaugh as a Member of our City Council, and we will continue to be well represented by electing Jen for four more years.

Throughout the years, Jen has been doing the important work of bringing our community together through her support of PADC, the “Let’s Talk” series, the city’s annual MLK celebration, and lending elected leadership to a city-wide anti-racist brainstorm this past summer to name just a few. These activities are just the tip of the iceberg — Jen works tirelessly for what we all want, a community that is engaged in productive civil discourse, one that can overcome polarization in the name of fairness, real progress, and human kindness.

Jen’s fair, critical, thorough, probing, and measured approach to solving Piedmont’s toughest challenges serves her (and us all) well. Her dedication and commitment is clearly demonstrated by the sheer number of meetings she attends, always with her sleeves rolled up, ready to get “the work” done.

Jill Lindenbaum, Piedmont Resident

Editors Note: Opinions expressed are those of the author.

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