Oct 11 2020

OPINION: Conna Brings a Commitment to Service and Community

Conna’s commitment to our community is obvious – through her participation on school parent boards, chairing of fundraising activities, service as Recreation Commissioner and spearheading of city campaigns.

Conna thrives on creative problem solving and seeks out diverse opinions in order to find solutions. Her community interests range from school sports and civic programs to city beatification and the arts. And, I must add, her love for the Piedmont community is clearly evident in her vast purple and white wardrobe!

Most inspiring, however, is the way Conna has prioritized service to others and instilled this value in her family. Whether serving our country, our community or vulnerable segments of the population, Conna, Peter and their children have all made career and volunteer choices that contribute to the greater good.

Conna has integrity, a collaborative spirit and loves our community. I have seen this commitment and witnessed her tireless efforts serving Piedmont over the past 25 years.

Please join me and the entire Meyersieck family and vote for Conna McCarthy for City Council!

Lindsey Meyersieck

Editors Note: Opinions expressed are those of the author.

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