Oct 15 2020

OPINION: Re-Elect Jennifer Cavenaugh to City Council

Like many Piedmonters, we know there are so many good reasons to re-elect Jennifer Cavenaugh to City Council. We’ve been lucky enough to see Jen in action as a leader, a mentor and a friend.

Jen has the experience, intelligence and heart to lead our city in making smart choices that bring us all closer together. She takes an inclusive and data-driven approach to ensure Piedmont serves the needs of the entire community.

In addition to her 4 years on the Piedmont City Council, Jen led the Rec Department Community Outreach Program, served as President of the Piedmont Language School and on the Parent Club Boards for Beach, PMS and PHS.  In all of these roles, she has reached out to a wide range of stakeholders to develop programs and solutions that meet the needs of the entire community.

Jen’s leadership has resulted in the launch of new Rec Department programs for adults and teens, including the innovative Healthy Relationships program. She has helped the community tackle complex issues like upgrading our pool facilities through Measure UU and engage in important conversations about race by organizing the Let’s Talk program.

She’s also encouraged countless other Piedmonters to join a committee, advocate for an idea or run for office. In each of these instances, Jen has taken the time to inform and educate herself, reach out to a wide range of people for input and lead in a way that encourages others to rally around a common goal.

We trust Jen to serve our community with integrity, smarts, passion and good judgment.

I hope all Piedmonters VOTE and join us in supporting Jen Cavenaugh for another term.


Rani and Nick Batra

Editors Note: Opinions expressed are those of the authors.

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