Oct 17 2020

OPINION: Vote Jen Cavenaugh For City Council

We’ve known Jen Cavenaugh over 18 years. We met through mutual friends, only to discover our common professional history working in Brand Management at The Clorox Company. Clorox is a consistent recruiter of strong talent from top tier MBA programs, as is Jen, from the esteemed University of Chicago. Clorox demands strong accountability, rigorous financial acumen, strategic thinking, and collaborative leadership, all of which Jen successfully demonstrated at Clorox and now serving in Piedmont.

Jen has been an amazing leader in the Piedmont community. Her tireless energy and selflessness have shown through countless committees, from Parent Club Board Member to Piedmont Language School President, and most recently to her position on the City Council.

As business people, we value how Jen has brought strong financial oversight to the council with an eye to both our current needs and to the future by ensuring we can rebuild our aging critical infrastructure. Her ability to understand complex issues, apply sound judgment and persuasively argue for the right directions for Piedmont has benefited residents in ways most will never know. As a former marketer, she understands how to identify, connect with, and serve the needs of her consumer – our community. With the challenging financial, social and logistical issues ahead, we need Jen’s thoughtfulness on the council.

In addition to seeing Jen’s leadership in action we can attest to Jen’s authentic warmth, kind heart and sincere generosity. Jen’s unique combination of leadership and interpersonal skills will continue to make her an effective, valuable member of the city council. We wholeheartedly endorse Jen Cavenaugh for re-election to the City Council.

Julia Kaplan & Louis Roitblat

Editors Note:  Opinions expressed are those of the authors.

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