Dec 1 2020

Police Plans, Mental Health Responses, COVID-19, Cameras, and more: Thurs., Dec. 3

– Piedmont Public Safety Committee Meeting – 5:30 PM, Thursday, Dec. 3, 2020 –

Piedmonters now have a greater opportunity to learn more about public safety in Piedmont.

For years, Piedmonters could not observe from their homes and computers the Piedmont Public Safety Committee, however because of COVID-19 restrictions and the implementation of virtual meetings, anyone can observe and participate in the important discussions held by the committee.  According to a City source, the meetings are not recorded, because “they have never been recorded or broadcast.”

For information on observing and participating in the Dec. 3rd meeting, click the agenda link below:

PSC Agenda 2020-12-03

Zoom link –

1. Introduction of Interim Fire Chief Michael Despain

2. Approval of Public Safety Committee Meeting Minutes for 9/24/2020

Public Safety 2020-09-24 DRAFT MINUTES 

3. Update on Police Department Strategic Plan

4. Update on Police Department Mental Health Call Response

5. Update on Public Safety Cameras

6. Introduction to Inside PPD

7. Report on COPS Funding

8. Update on COVID 19 & Health Order Compliance

9. Update on Get Ready Piedmont/Map Your Neighborhood

10. Consideration of 2021 Meeting Schedule

Editors Note: Written back-up information for the agenda items was not provided. 

2 Responses to “Police Plans, Mental Health Responses, COVID-19, Cameras, and more: Thurs., Dec. 3”

  1. I try not to spend much time on Nextdoor, but there were two recent crimes in Oakland where the escaping vehicles fled into Piedmont according to posts. The first was a robbery at Walgreens on Lakeshore where the vehicle went up Harvard and Prospect. The second was an armed robbery on Kenmore with the vehicle fleeing towards Boulevard Way. While there are Piedmont cameras on Winsor and Wildwood, apparently there are no cameras on the Harvard or Boulevard entries into Piedmont. Given the effectiveness of the cameras, minor entries like these may also be suitable candidates for more cameras.

  2. Interesting: Public meetings, such as for Public Safety (and especially Budget Committee) are not broadcast since never done before? Really?

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