Jan 11 2021

OPINIONS: Letters of Support for Arts Center Lease

Dear Council members,

We understand that the City Council will discuss renewal of the lease for the Piedmont Center for the Arts in the next few weeks. I’m writing to support renewal of the lease, preserving this important treasure for the City and its neighbors.

We live on a split lot, paying property taxes to both Oakland and Piedmont. Over the past few years we have enjoyed musical concerts, plays and art exhibits at the Center and sincerely hope that, once the Covid crisis has abated, we can return for future programs.

We have enjoyed many enriching performances in the short time the prestigious Piedmont Center for the Arts has been part of this small community.

I’m writing to add our voices strongly urging the Council to renew the PCA lease so it can continue to bring high quality art and culture to Piedmont. We have a treasure right here in our backyard which we must protect.

Mary and Andrew Moyce


My name is Valerie Corvin and I am a co-founder of the Piedmont Center for the Arts. I recently stepped down from the PCA Board to pursue other endeavors, but I served 9 years as program director, visual art program director, and juried art show administrator.

As a board member and with no paid staff, I have put in countless hours at all hours of the day and night to help PCA grow into the City of Piedmont treasure that it is. The people of Piedmont love PCA. I have been thanked probably a thousand times by people who have attended events at the Center. Resident truly appreciate having an arts center as part the offerings of City of the Piedmont. It ranks up there along with the school system and our well-run town.

PCA is a selling point used by many realtors why one should choose to live in our town. I have been told it is one of the top 5 selling points of Piedmont cited by realtors. PCA is now part of the fabric of this town.

Now is the time to have civil dialogue and find ways for the City and the Center to work together for the benefit for all citizens of Piedmont.

I believe that members of the PCA Board are more than ready to work with the City to create policy and accessibility to the building to support the needs of interested groups. PCA has been a good tenant and is willing to continue to be a good team player with the City. The arts are important part of our society and add an important dimension to our lives. Please renew the PCA lease.

Thank you.

Valerie Corvin, Piedmont Resident and Co-Founder of Arts Center


Good afternoon!

It has come to my attention that the Piedmont Center for the Arts (PCA) is about to go before the City Council for the second reading of their lease renewal.  And I need to let you know how much my family and I value PCA.  Upon moving here three years ago, we stumbled upon PCA and were thrilled to learn of their chamber music series.  We have subscribed ever since, and pray that their lease will be renewed.  It’s one of the very bright spots in the area, and something we’re very much looking forward to coming out of COVID.

All the best to each of you this year.  And thanks for listening.

GaryHurd, Piedmont Resident


My husband and I have attended many concerts at the Piedmont Center for the Arts and have thoroughly enjoyed each event.
I have also enjoyed the art exhibitions.
The Center has become an integral part of the community and has brought enjoyment to the citizens of Piedmont and their guests and at our doorsteps.
It is my recommendation that you renew their funding so that they can continue their excellent mission.
Suzy Locke Cohen, Piedmont Resident
Dear Council members,
 I urge you to approve the lease renewal for the Piedmont Center for the Arts.
I’m a local artist who has used the facility for a book release party and art show and found it to be a delightful venue for both. It’s also a top notch space for concerts and recitals.
It is in fact a one of a kind resource for the local art community that would be sorely missed.
 Your vote to extend the Center’s lease would be greatly appreciated.
    Michael Manente – Oakland Artist and Business owner
Editors’ Note: Opinions expressed are those of the authors.

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