Jan 31 2021

Second Reading of Environmental Reach Codes – Council Feb.1

Monday, February 1, 2021 City Council meeting: Council will consider approval of Reach Codes.  Council and participants will have an opportunity to ask questions on the proposal prior to approval.  See Staff Report and Agenda listed below for information and participation.

Staff Report:


Agenda and Participation:


Comments may be sent to the Council by clicking >: council@piedmont.ca.gov.

One Response to “Second Reading of Environmental Reach Codes – Council Feb.1”

  1. I think the term “Energy Efficiency/Electrification Reach Codes” would be a better characterization – these code revisions introduce changes to the Building Code that reduce the emission of green house gases from the home which have cost savings as well as environmental benefits.

    I recommend those new to this subject start with the city webpage below – that has simple and accessible information on the Reach Codes than found in the staff report. Especially useful are the FAQ and Town Hall meeting links. They offer very specific examples on how these code changes will or will not apply to your remodel project.


    Council may have questions about the Reach Codes tonight but the current draft is a response to Council questions raised at the first reading several months ago, during which time an unprecedented public information campaign has been conducted by staff. And this staff report has been on the public record for well over a week, not typical for most staff reports, so hopefully Councilmembers have had their questions addressed by staff before tonight’s meeting. Second readings really are intended for comment on the revised ordinance, not introduction of wholescale, last minute changes to the ordinance.

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