Feb 21 2021

Have a Favorite Piedmont Tree on Public Property?

Nomination period for Piedmont’s Heritage Tree program is now open !

The Heritage Tree program is an opportunity for the Piedmont community to recognize the distinctive trees in its urban forest. 
The community is invited to nominate trees growing on public property, such as parks, medians, and streets.  Nominated trees will be considered based on their aesthetic, educational, or historical merits.
Piedmont’s prior Heritage Trees include:
  • the grove of Eastern Redbuds at the west end of Piedmont Park off Wildwood, nominated by Lisa Kieraldo;
  • the massive Coast Redwood growing in front of 71 Hazel Lane, nominated by Cindy Rafton;
  • the four evergreen Dogwoods that frame the City Hall entrance, nominated by Bobbe Stehr and Mark Enea;
  • the reclining Coast Live Oak in Piedmont Park, nominated by Will, Finn, and Max Brumfiel;
  • the dense grove of 18 Coast Redwoods in the traffic triangle at Wildwood, Nova and Magnolia, nominated by Gail Lombardi and Claire Faughnan;
  • the Coast Redwood outside Community Hall (used as the annual holiday tree), nominated by Sue Herrick and Cameron Wolfe;
  • a group of ten Highland Poplars behind Exedra Plaza, nominated by Jim Horner;
  • a row of seven Dawn Redwoods growing in the former quarry at Dracena Park, nominated by Lyle Gordon;
  • and the Southern Magnolia in the median triangle at Lexford and Hampton, nominated by Betsy Goodman.
Nominations are due by March 19 and the winners will be announced on April 30 at this year’s the Arbor Day celebration, which will be held virtually.

>Nomination Form

  Nomination Forms are also available on the City’s website: https://piedmont.ca.gov/cms/one.aspx?portalId=13659823&pageId=17431167

For more information, please contact:

Nancy Kent at nkent@piedmont.ca.gov

or 510-420-3064.

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