Feb 21 2021

Participate in the Piedmont Community Quilt !

 The Piedmont Arts Fund (formerly PAINTS and CHIME) would like to invite all members of the community to creatively express the “Things that Matter” in a community art quilt.

We will eventually display the “Things that Matter” quilt, with our interwoven and diverse narratives to capture this unique time, in the new theatre building. 

Any funds raised will be used exclusively towards inclusive visual and performing arts programs at PUSD. We are launching our quilt project in February during Black History Month. As March is Art Month, we plan on weaving our creative community stories and unveiling the quilt in a public open space. Quilt Kits are available for a variable donation, and we also are offering free kits to community members who are not able to donate at this time. Our goal is to represent our entire community through this unique art project and we hope you will create this piece of history with us.



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