Feb 21 2021

Piedmont Fair Housing Advisory Committee to be Appointed by Council

– On February 1, 2021, the City Council heard briefings about efforts to improve fair housing programs in Piedmont.
Topics covered at the meeting included the response to the regional housing crisis, California’s Regional Housing Needs Allocation (RHNA) process, the SB2 housing programs grant, Piedmont’s adopted Housing Element, and $2.2 million available to Piedmont for affordable housing in the Alameda County’s Measure A-1 bond (2016).
Piedmont residents addressed the Council and offered their perspectives on the City’s role in helping solve the regional housing crisis, including greater support for the construction of affordable housing in the Piedmont Community.
Ideas have included increasing the number of Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs), converting large homes into multiple housing units, rezoning single-family residential zones, reducing lot size requirements, modifying requirements in the Estate Residential Zone, building multiple housing on Grand Avenue and in the Civic Center, rezoning Blair Park for multiple housing, increasing height limits, and development emphasizing low-income and affordable housing.  Piedmont has indicated an interest in adding approximately 600 new housing units to the existing approximate 3,800 households.
After hearing feedback from residents, the City Council approved a resolution creating a Piedmont Housing Advisory Committee. The Housing Advisory Committee will consist of five to seven members to be appointed by the City Council. Application forms to serve on City committees and commissions, including the Housing Advisory Committee, will be posted to the City website soon.
To learn more about the February 1, 2021 meeting, please watch the video on the City webpage. For more information, sign up to receive housing updates in your email in-box or email from Senior Planner Pierce Macdonald-Powell.

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