Mar 3 2021

Linda Beach Park Play Zone, Gathering Area, Phase 1: March 6 Meeting

Learn about the Linda Beach Park Master Plan and Proposition 68 grant opportunities.

The City of Piedmont needs your ideas for potential California Playscape volunteer projects!


10-11 AM

Call-in: +1 (669) 900 9128; Meeting ID: 89959577946

For more information contact: Nancy Kent at

Phase 1: Linda Beach Master Plan [Outlined in red above.]
The City of Piedmont wants your input on ideas for potential projects you’d like to see at Linda Beach Park’s California Playscape. The City is planning to apply for funding through the Parks and Water Bond Act of 2018, also known as Proposition 68, which was approved by California voters in the June 2018 election. The $4 billion bond measure includes $395 million for local park acquisition, expansion, and upgrades through a competitive grant program. The City is seeking funding for Phase 1 of the Linda Beach Playfield Master Plan, which was approved by the City Council in 2019. Phase 1 involves renovating the California Playscape to create an active play zone and gathering place for park users and their families. The park is in a residential neighborhood on the edge of our city boundary, and will serve both our small community and our neighbors the City of Oakland.
The City of Piedmont will be holding a virtual public meeting on March 6, 2021 to understand community priorities and gain feedback on the final concepts to develop an application for funding. Your voice is important in this process and will help us deliver an application that has broad community backing. Please join us on Saturday, March 6th for a virtual neighborhood meeting to voice any concerns or ideas.
Virtual Neighborhood Meeting
Saturday, March 6, 2021
10:00–11:00 am
Dial-in: +1 (669) 900 9128: Meeting ID: 899-5957-7946
The City encourages the public to participate in this virtual workshop. The workshop will review information on Phase 1 of the Linda Beach Master Plan, Prop 68, and will include a lively community discussion on future recreational and volunteer opportunities. The Zoom workshop is scheduled for Saturday, March 6, 2021, from 10:00–11:00 AM. Residents can participate in the workshop by clicking on the Zoom link above or by calling into the Zoom meeting +1 (669) 900 9128 (Meeting ID: 899-5957-7946).
For more information, please contact Parks & Projects Manager Nancy Kent.

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