Mar 14 2021

223 Linda Avenue Apartments: City Purchase? Real Property Negotiations

March 15, 2021 City Council Closed Session.

The property at 223 Linda Avenue consists of 4 apartments across from Beach Elementary School.  There is no known public discussion of City purchase of the property until the announcement of the Closed Session. 

Council: Adjourn to a Closed Session a. CONFERENCE WITH REAL PROPERTY NEGOTIATORS (Govt. Code §54956.8) 223 Linda Ave; Negotiating Parties: City and Linda Paramount Properties LLC Negotiators: City Admin. & Atty; Under Negotiation: Price & Terms of Payment


2 Responses to “223 Linda Avenue Apartments: City Purchase? Real Property Negotiations”

  1. Interesting. The City does have $2M in housing funds available.

  2. Hopefully there was some past public discussion of why this closed session is occurring. It was my understanding that there are limitations as to what details may be excluded from the Brown Act open meetings requirements. While the “terms and conditions” of a pending real estate transaction may be held in closed session, that does not extend to the decision to buy or sell real estate itself.

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