Mar 14 2021

Community Pool Advisory Committee to be Formed

$19.5 Million Bond Measure for building new community pools using an Advisory Committee to be considered on March 15, at the Piedmont City Council meeting.  Agenda HERE.

 SECTION 1. The Community Pool Advisory Committee is hereby established as a temporary advisory committee of the City of Piedmont.

SECTION 2. The efforts of the Community Pool Advisory Committee will be to offer advice throughout the design process and to serve as a conduit for the community’s voice in the design refinement and construction of the Piedmont Community Pool, specifically by:

1) Assisting the project team to ensure the project meets community expectations.

2) Communicating project progress to the community.

3) Making recommendations to staff and the Council on how to balance any conflicting priorities against budget resources and community expectations.

SECTION 3. The Community Pool Advisory Committee shall consist of five or seven residents at large, including one current or former member of the Recreation Commission.

SECTION 4. The City Council shall appoint one member to serve as Committee Chair.

SECTION 5. The Community Pool Advisory Committee shall meet on a quarterly basis or as needed.

SECTION 6. The term of the Community Pool Advisory Committee shall extend from the date of establishment to completion of construction of the Community Pool project.

SECTION 7. The Community Pool Advisory Committee shall comply with the Ralph M. Brown Act (Government Code §54950 et seq.) including, but not limited to notice, agenda posting, and public participation requirements.

SECTION 8. The Community Pool Advisory Committee is an advisory body to the City Council and is not an independent decision-making body. All of its recommendations are subject to approval of the City Council.

“Should the Council choose to establish the committee, the recruitment process will be similar to the one used for the City’s standing commissions and committees. First, staff announces the recruitment period via the web site and social media channels as well as via press release. After receiving applications, the Council would then conduct interviews of the candidates, and after deliberations, appoint the Chair of the committee and its members. Also, consistent with other commissions and committees, Council would appoint a liaison and alternate to the PAC. Recruitment for this committee will take place separately from the ongoing annual recruitment for commissions & committees. This would allow the PAC to begin its work shortly after the engagement of the project manager/owners representative and before selection of the design team.”

Read the full staff report below:

Consideration of the Establishment of the Community Pool Advisory Committee

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