Mar 25 2021

Piedmont Police Chief on Asian Attacks

This past week our country has witnessed a heartbreaking continuation of violence focused on people of Asian descent. Recent attacks against those of Asian descent have been traumatic. The deadly shooting in Atlanta this week understandably increases the concern, fear, and trauma especially for our Asian community. Furthermore, these disturbing attacks are targeting the most vulnerable in our communities.
As your Chief of Police, I want our entire community, and particularly our community members of Asian descent, to know their police department stands with them.  We have been following these events closely and have been in contact with the Oakland Police Department and our other county partners. I have also made it a priority to reach out to local community stakeholders and representatives of the Piedmont Asian American Club (PAAC) to offer my support following these intolerable crimes.
Any race-based attacks and incidents borne of ignorance will be thoroughly investigated and will not be tolerated in Piedmont. We will coordinate any investigations with the Alameda County District Attorney’s newly formed Special Response Team which has been assembled to assist local law enforcement and our community with the recent violent attacks. The team, made up of Deputy District Attorneys, inspectors and victim/witness advocates is in place to support our investigative efforts.
Finally, I encourage anyone in our community to speak up and speak out. If you’ve been the target of a race-based attack, please call our police department. Violence against anyone in our community affects us all. We here at the Piedmont Police Department will continue to do all we can to support and protect everyone and are mindful of the specific trauma those of Asian descent are experiencing now. We are in this together..
Police Chief Jeremy Bowers

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  1. Thank you Chief Bowers. We have several Asian households on our block on Pala
    Avenue and pleased to see an occasional police car cruising the street at various hours day and night. Keep up the good work! We will certainly alert you if we see
    a sign of anyone we don’t recognize as a neighbor who seems to be prowling.

    Bill Blackwell

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