Jun 15 2021

ISO Could Order Rotating Outages Due to AC Use Load

An intense heat wave can require rotating power outages when increasing use of air conditioning causes electricity demand spikes.

Power traded on Friday for Monday jumped to $151 per megawatt hour (MWh) at Palo Verde in Arizona and $95 in SP-15 in Southern California. . . the highest since the February freeze.

California is the U.S. region most at risk of power shortages this summer because the state increasingly relies on intermittent energy sources like wind and solar,        Reuters reports.

If rotating outages are needed, PG&E will post information at this page to show the order in which PG&E will likely proceed, if ordered by CAISO to turn off power. Estimated restoration times are 2-3 hours after the outage actually starts. The situation remains dynamic and shutoff times may change.

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