Jul 1 2021

Former City Administrator Returns to Piedmont

Paul Benoit, Piedmont’s prior City Administrator, has partially stepped into the role of Sara Lillevand, Piedmont’s current City Administrator.  Lillevand has taken a leave of absence, utilizing her vacation and other time off to attend to family matters.

Benoit, already under contract with the city to advise on the new Municipal Pool project, was granted by the City Council an increase in his hourly compensation from $111 to $116 per hour with a maximum additional amount of $4,800.   Staff report > https://piedmont.ca.gov/common/pages/DisplayFile.aspx?itemId=17755781

The Council did not give Benoit the full authority and power afforded the City Administrator under the Piedmont City Charter, as he will be assisting Lillevand.

While assisting Lillevand, Benoit will be residing in Piedmont.

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