Aug 19 2021

Expired Medications Deposit Bins Are Filling UP

How to Prepare Expired Drugs for Careful Disposal

It is very important to remove personal information from containers of liquid and cream medications.  Pills and tablets should be  combined in a small sealable baggy –Their containers use up volumes of space in the disposal bins limiting capacity of the bins.

  1. Remove pills and solid medications from their prescription containers and place them in a clear, sealable bag. Keep liquid and cream medications sealed in their original containers.
  2. Take medications to an authorized collection location or place them in a mail-back envelope or package for delivery to an authorized destruction location.
  3. Remove, black out, or scratch off your name and other personal information from prescription drug containers.
  4. Place empty pill bottles and other containers for solid medications in your household recycling bin.


Unfortunately, Piedmonters are finding a number of local pharmacy bins too full for additional drop offs. The Well Spring Pharmcy on Piedmont Avenue and the CVS on 41st St have been full for at least a week in August.

Other Safe Expired Drug Disposal Bin Locations near Piedmont include:

CVS/Pharmacy #10475

2964 Broadway
Oakland CA 94611

Kaiser Fdn Health Plan Fabiola 1 Pharmacy #115

3801 Howe St 1st Fl
Oakland CA 94611

Kaiser Health Plan Pediatric Pharmacy #118

3505 Broadway
Oakland CA 94611

Rite Aid #5952

1991 Mountain Blvd
Oakland CA 94611

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