Oct 3 2021

$2.7 Million Piedmont COVID Funds – Where Will the Money Go?

Two million six hundred sixty three thousand and seven hundred twenty nine dollars are Piedmont’s share of the COVID American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) Funds

On Monday, October 4, 2021, the Piedmont City Council will consider how to spend the $2,663,729 in windfall funds arising from  the Federal government to assist with costs.  Read the AGENDA here.

The priority list developed by the Piedmont staff is listed below.

Approve the attached resolution allocating the City’s American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) Funds as follows:

A. Devote lost revenue funds to address urgent facilities projects, prioritized as follows:

1. Dispatch Center Relocation\Remodel

2. Initiation of Master Planning Process for the future of Police Department, Fire Department and City Hall

3. One or a combination of the following:

  • City Hall Basement:
  • Digitization of Residential Property Files and Remodel Office Space ·
  • Fire Department Living Quarters Renovation
  • Recreation Department Building Renovation

B. Devote the remaining more restricted funds as follows:

1. Cover the City’s direct COVID-19 related expenses incurred after March 3, 2021

2. Provide premium pay to certain Recreation Department childcare personnel who were exposed on a daily basis to critical health risks while interacting with the public due to the nature of their jobs

3. Provide COVID-19 specific support to the Piedmont Unified School District by providing $100,000 toward funding a temporary full-time school nurse to assist PUSD in its COVID-19 response. Such resource would be available to support the City’s Recreation Department COVID-19 response needs as well.

Read the full October 4, 2021 staff report below:



Comment links to Piedmont City Councilmembers:

Mayor Teddy King

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Vice Mayor Tim Rood

(510) 239-7663

Councilmember Jen Cavenaugh

(415) 215-6933

Councilmember Betsy Smegal Andersen

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Councilmember Conna McCarthy

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2 Responses to “$2.7 Million Piedmont COVID Funds – Where Will the Money Go?”

  1. Since the proposed list already includes non-medical, non-Covid infrastructure improvements, I’d suggest adding one or several from the High-priority intersections identified in the existing PBMP. Sadly, I’ve found a tendency for City staff to work hard and spend generously on planning, but neglect implementation. Virtually nothing has been done to implement the 2013 PB plan, and we’re off working on another.

  2. For those interested…here’s a link to the PB plan (Pedestrian and Bike plan)2013 PB plan.

    I am weary of the proliferation of signs and barricades. It seems to detract from the beauty of our city. I observe that the residents of Orinda, Moraga, Danville, Alamo, and Woodside navigate their streets without abundance of signs and barricades that Piedmont has implemented in the past few years.

    Seems like increased safety for pedestrians and bicyclist can be achieved without all the proposed “Enhanced Street Crossing”, implementation of “pedestrian countdown signals”, installation of “bike route signs” mounted on posts, painting “sharrows” (bike route stencils on the pavement)on our roadways.

    The 2013 PB Master Plan is now 8 years old. I think it would be appropriate to have our current residents review this master plan before implementing the rest of the plan.

    –Dai Meagher

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